Learning Objectives and Outcomes

In your Group Discussion area, post the following:Medical/Health Center

You are a diabetes educator in a hospital and are developing a learning experience for newly diagnosed diabetic adult patients who need to understand their insulin needs and how to handle an insulin syringe.Describe the 2 learning outcomes, 2 learning objectives, and 1 learning activity that you developed for the scenario for your Discussion group setting.

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  • Explain the differences between learning outcomes and learning objectives.
  • Explain how the learning outcomes and learning objectives for your activity adhere to these differences.
  • Explain how these differences would impact other learning in your Discussion group setting.
  • To guide your development of your Discussion post, consider the following questions:
    • What is the overarching learning need illustrated in the scenario? How could this overarching need be expressed in one or more learning outcomes?
    • What learning needs to be addressed in order to achieve those outcomes?
    • What meaningful learning objectives could you develop to represent the learning needs you have identified?
    • How could you use the learning objectives to create an educational, learner-centered activity designed to meet the objectives?
    • How can you use the learning objectives to measure whether learning has taken place?
  • Using your answers to the previous questions, for your scenario, develop two learning outcomes, two learning objectives aligned to those outcomes, and a learning activity keyed to the objectives applicable to the scenario.


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