Crurriculum project

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Learning Objectives

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            With developing curriculum for the project, writing well defined and measurable learning objectives is key for successful teaching. Writing learning objectives need to be written clearly, describes a specific learning action, and can be measured post educational activity (Chatterjee & Corral, 2017). The three learner groups are clinical staff nursing, student nurses, and patients/caregivers. With considering creating learning objectives for the learners, the nurse educator will need to contemplate the level of knowledge needed to effectively educate each different learning group (Bastable, 2019). Using Bloom’s taxonomy for writing learning objectives can be helpful in deciding which action verb will be best for description of how the learning can occur (Bastable, 2019).

            Other aspects of objective creation for the nurse educator that are helpful can keep the curriculum targeted and relevant to the learning group (Bastable, 2019). The learning objective can help keep the educator organized and on target with the wanted learning and develop a relevant learning activity (Bastable, 2019). A well written learning objectives can shape and provide structure to the wanted learning and provide clarity to the nurse educator. Also, a learning objective can help the learner understand expectations of the upcoming curriculum and help the student anticipate the content. All objectives should have a time frame associated to provide the nurse educator with a basis of evaluation if the objective has been met (Dickerson, 2017).

Three Learning Objectives

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Nursing Student:

Apply safe evidence-based practice standards using infection control measures with caring for central lines upon completion of the learning activity.

Clinical Staff Nurse:

Perform a comprehensive nursing assessment of infection control measures for central line care during every nursing visit.


Practice best practice standards with infection control measures for prevention of central line infections after one on one instruction.


Bastable, S. B. (2019). Nurse as educator: Principals of teaching and learning for nursing  practice (5th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Chatterjee, D., & Corral, J. (2017). How to write well-defined learning objectives. Journal of Education in Perioperative Medicine, 19(4), 1- 4.


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