course project part 3

The purpose of this assignment is for learners to provide updates on the Course Project progress and receive individualized feedback from your instructor 

  • Explain your progress on Week 6: Course Project Part 3.
  • Ask at least one question of your instructor that could help you do your best on Week 6: Course Project Part 3.


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Course project part 2:


1.     Description of Issue, Indicator, and Focus

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Native Americans form a minority group in the US; they experience health disparities that influence their health outcomes. Poor health outcomes influence life expectancy; for instance, American Indians have 4.4 years lower than the average life expectancy for all groups in America.  Even though the government attempts to offer healthcare to all Americans without discrimination, health care for Native Americans has failed to keep up with other groups. Social determinants of health such as low income, low education level, religion and cultural practices continue to widen health disparities in this group.  For instance, the Native Americans have distinctive cultural practices such as integrating religion and health; they believe that wellbeing is a spiritual and not a physical aspect; healing is not disconnected from religion and culture (Greenfield et al., 2015). The community practices traditional healing, which is considered a fundamental aspect of the cultural standard. Consequently, there is no distinction between religion and medicine or between a church and a hospital. Moreover, this group has profoundly traditional health and illness perception; they believe that medicine heals souls. Most of the Natives American still practice Native American healing that involves the summoning of spirits, religious practices, herbal medication, and cultural cleansing and healing; these practices influence their access to health (CDC, 2018). 

Healthy People has Leading Health Indicators (LHI) for every ethnic or racial group in the US basing on prevalent morbidities associated with the group. In the case of Native Americans, the LHI include reduction of tobacco use in the community.  According to Healthy People, Native Americans have high smoking rates than other communities, with an estimated 23.7% of adults smoking cigarettes daily. Tobacco use adversely affects the body and is associated with many preventable health conditions, disabilities and death. Despite widespread knowledge about cigarette smoking effects on human health,  smoking rates have continued to rise. They are associated with more deaths than those caused by illegal substances, alcohol consumption, auto motor accidents, HIV, suicides, and murders combined (Healthy People, 2020). 

Smoking among the Native Americans is inexorably linked due to tobacco’s cultural significance; thus contributing to higher smoking rates (CDC, 2019). Moreover, studies have shown that among the US ethnic/racial group,  Native Americans have  a high prevalence rate of smoking particularly, adults age 24-64 years (Jamal et al., 2018).  For this reason, Healthy People’s Leading Health Indicators targets to reduce smoking in this community. Quitting tobacco use takes the effort of an individual to stop smoking but require support from public health. Health promotion and education on the effects of cigarette should be increased in the community to ensure people have enough information about tobacco use.


2.     References with Permalink


1.     Jamal, A., Phillips, E., Gentzke, A. S., Homa, D. M., Babb, S. D., King, B. A., & Neff, L. J. (2018). Current cigarette smoking among adults—United States, 2016. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report67(2), 53. Current Cigarette Smoking Among Adults — United States

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