Unit 9 Assignment: Comprehensive Financial Analysis Walmart

Unit 9 Assignment: Comprehensive Financial Analysis

Your paper should approach 20- pages and should be viewed as a term paper. 

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Refer to the following documents found in Course Documents to help you with this assignment:

·         Format for the Walmart Research Paper (Attached)

·         Walmart Proforma Income Excel Spreadsheet (Attached)

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·         Walmart Ratio Solutions 2017 LAPM (Use this as a guide.) (Attached)

A word doc of these instructions are also attached.

Unit 9 Assignment: Comprehensive Financial Analysis

In this assignment, you will be assessed based on the following outcomes:

Determine the value of a company through conducting effective earnings forecasts and



Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials

in Standard English.


To start, in this research paper, you will dig deep into the financial statements of Walmart. You will analyze the company’s past financial performance to help you forecast their future business, profitability, and cash flow. You will use these results to forecast the value of the company; what YOU think the company is actually worth today. You will compare your value to the current stock price, explaining any differences. This is how decisions to buy and sell stock, and to buy and sell companies are made every day all over the world. The nightly business news is full of the “buy, sell, and hold” recommendations derived from analysis like this. I bet those jobs pay very nicely, don’t you!


The paper must include the following criteria in addition to a title and references page:


? Executive Summary: This is a 1-page summary of the entire paper that highlights the key

results of your analysis and the resulting conclusions, and a summary of their defense.


? Table of Contents: List of the sections in your paper.


? Introduction: The company’s story- past, present, future. Include who they are (include

current events and interesting facts), what do they do (products), when they began (how

long), and where they do business. Discuss the markets they operate in globally, the current

market trends, and their competitors. (This should be at least 2- pages, likely more.)


? Financial History: (3-year analysis of the company’s performance. Your report will include

the ratio results plus an explanation and analysis of each ratio. Include the ratio, its results,

and what the results mean for the company. (Liquidity and Debt, Asset Management,

Profitability, and Market ratios. See ratio detail below.) Were there changes in the ratios?

What could have caused the change? You must include an evaluation section of what each

type of (LAPM) ratio means over the three years, then an overall comparison to validate

your conclusion. (Show you understand and know the ratios.)


? Financials Today: Current year with comparison to a competitor. What are they doing?

How are they doing now? Add current events and focus on the current financials. Include an

evaluation for each type of (LAPM) ratio for the current year, then an overall comparison to

validate your conclusion. Include your findings for your competitor.


? Financial Future: The story behind your analysis of your forecast of the future based on

your spreadsheet. Why did you choose the specific growth rates? What impact did they

have on the value of Walmart? Use the Walmart Proforma Income Excel spreadsheet

located in attached docs.


? Conclusion: Your recommendation with justification of how much Walmart is worth. How

much do you forecast each share to be worth? Defend your choice.

Required Ratio Analyses

Liquidity and Debt Ratios (L)

• Current

• Quick

• Total Debt to Total Asset

Asset Management Ratios (Activity A)

• Inventory Turnover

• Fixed Asset Turnover

• Total Asset Turnover

Profitability Ratios (P)

• Profit Margin on Sales

• Return on Assets

• Return on Equity

Market Value Ratios (M)

• Price Earnings Ratio

• Market/Book                  


Start your Walmart research at the website below. Click on everything and explore. This website will be the sole source of financial information for this assignment.


Walmart, Inc. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/stockdetails/financials/fi126.1.WMT.NYS


This assignment requires the following in addition to the criteria above:

? Submit your paper in a Microsoft Word® document. Include a title page with your name

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