Critically analyse the Microenvironment of Walmart in China and explain why Walmart has not historically been successful in China


1-Why Walmart Stumbled on the Road to China

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2- Case Study: Walmart Can’t Conquer All Countries

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SOURCE: Hill, CWL (2017). International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace. 11th edition. New York: McGraw-Hill. Pages 613-614.


I will give a pdf for the case study .




  • Critically analyse the Microenvironment of Walmart in China and explain why Walmart has not historically been successful in China. (900 words)
  • From a resource based view, what needs to be done to enhance the prospect of Walmart in China? (500 words)
  • Analyse the opportunities and challenges in different income segments of market (low, middle and high income segments) from the perspective of Walmart. Also, explain whether you recommend Walmart to adopt an aggressive (i.e. heavy investment and rapid growth) or an organic growth strategy (slow and incremental growth) for each of the segments? (900 words)
  • Using Bartlett and Goshal Model of International Growth, which strategy would you recommend for Walmart’s operations in China? (500 words)

Instructions for Referred Assessment :

  • You need to answer all the four questions.
  • The maximum word count per question is specified at the end of that question. Overall, the essay should not exceed 3000 words(University regulations permit +/- 10%). This word count does not include references, tables, figures, and charts.
  • Your essay needs to include a short introduction (200-250 words) and the answer to the case questions (with the above-mentioned word limit for each question). Please note that for this essay a separate conclusion part is not required.






Task Details/Description:

The referred assessment for this module is composed of one analytic essay writing on a case study. The essay need to be 3000 words in length (+/- 10%, excluding references at the end). This individual case analysis allows students to demonstrate knowledge of the module content and case analysis skills. Module objectives assessed are: analyse complex cases, apply models and theories, interpret results and make recommendations.

For this essay, the students are required to provide a brief report of analysis, diagnosis, action plan, and recommendations for the case study. The assessment requires students to use theories, concepts and case studies that they have learned in the module lectures and seminars. Students are required to present their work in academic essay format, refer to academic references and put the reference list at the end of their work. Although students need to base their answer on the specified case sources, using other sources and material is encouraged and welcomed.


Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

  • Appraise current thought on international business and strategy in the light of contemporary debates and engage in knowledgeable discussion on those topics
  • Effectively research and apply the theoretical perspectives as well as the strategic concepts and tools covered in the lectures.
  • Be able to analyse complex situations, apply strategic models and theories, interpret the results and make appropriate recommendations.


Presentation Requirements:

Word Count: 3000 words (+/- 10%, excluding references)

Font Size: Arial 12

Line Spacing: 1.5 line spacing


Assessment Criteria:

The individual assignment will be assessed according to the student’s ability to:

1) Critical understanding and application theories covered in the module.

2) Provide in-depth analysis, answer to the case questions in a reasonable, accurate, and organized manner and show critical thinking.

3) Build on relevant concepts and literature discussed in the lectures and seminars for backing up the critical points and properly apply the insight in the case analysis.

4) Select and apply appropriate tools, methods and analytical techniques to analyse the problem.

5) Draw on relevant secondary data for supporting the analysis.

6) Present the case and analysis in a clear and organized manner (professional design/structure/style/referencing)

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