Write a 6 page paper in APA format (not including the cover page and reference page).  You must have at least six academic references in addition to the textbook.

Be sure to provide citations and references with peer reviewed articles to support your research; specifically address the following issues:

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Telemedicine Applications

The range of applications that currently fall under the overall category of telemedicine include four broad categories:

Health services

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Education and training

Health administration


Four sub-specialties in Telemedicine:



Teleintensive Care – Life flight


1.       Discuss the four broad categories of Telemedicine.

2.       Describe the advantages of the telemedicine applications and disadvantages for those individuals/patients who do not have access to the academic level of care facilities.

3.       How do they benefit clinically by having access to sub-specialists in a remote or rural setting?

4.       Discuss how these four sub-specialties listed above are or are not evolving.

5.  Find examples and discuss the use of telemedicine to promote or improve healthcare in the future.

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