Practicum – Journal Entry

Reflect on your Practicum experience and the patients you have seen and the disorders that you have diagnosed and treated. Review your Journal Entry that you submitted in Week 1.

By Day 7 of Week 10, write a Journal Entry that includes responses to the following:

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·         Explain what most excited and/or concerned you throughout your pediatric clinical experience.

·         Discuss how your personal definition of family and family roles has changed or stayed the same.

·         How has your understanding of family and family roles influenced your assessment of children and their families?

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·         Explain how your understanding of culture (both the culture of the provider and that of the child and his or her family) has changed and how it may have influenced the assessments you conducted during your practicum.

·         Assess how you did with accomplishing the goals and objectives you developed in Week 1 for the Practicum experience.

·         Based on your Practicum experience, refine your existing goals and/or develop new goals for your continued education and professional practice. Be sure to consider the NAPNAP Position Statement on Age Parameters for Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Practice Found in the Week 1


·         Learning Resources.

·         2–3 page limit. Use title page and references according to APA.

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