Ethical Decision-Making Model

In the literature section  you will find that there is not much literature present for some of the models you will choose.  Strive as much as possible to apply your model to your situation, however, literature regarding your topic is also very acceptable. 

APA 7th edition 

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Follows the correct format using headings as presented in the paper guidelines-Citations and references to support statements; APA format, adhered to page limitations 5-7 pages of narrative *Note: no tables or figures or pictures should be included in your narrative.

Describe an Ethical decision-making model used/applied to your ethical issue with rationale for the choice *Note: not an ethical principle, an ethical model

Heading: Introduction -Clearly Introduce your ethical issue.

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Report the ethical/moral situation in your current nursing practice IN FNP  ROLE OPTION that you view as most important. 

An ethical issue is a conflict between two principles, name those principles.

In the introductory paragraph state” specifically, the ethical issue is…”

 Role option is FNP

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