Diversity and Health Assessments-2nd RESPONSE

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Diversity and Health Assessments

J. C. a @ risk 86 year old Asians male is physically and financially dependent on his daughter, who is a single mother who has little time or money for her father’s health needs.  He has a history of HTN, GERD, Vit B12 def, and chronic prostatitis.  He takes Lisinopril 10mg QD, Prilosec 20mg QD, B12 monthly injections, and Cipro 100mg QD.  He comes to you for an annual exam, and states, “I came in for my annual physical exam, but I don’t want to burden my daughter.”

Socioeconomic Factors

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            Asian American (AAs) are often labeled as a “model minority” because of their perceived successful adaptation to American life perhaps due to their higher income and education levels than those of other minority groups ( Ho, 2001).  However, in some instances this is not the case as with J. C.  J. C.  is an 86 year old male who relies solely upon his daughter. Research shows that preventative care such as cancer screening and blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose level monitoring was not done regularly (Lee, 2010).  J.C. was having an annual physical because it was deemed necessary.  Per the scenario, his daughter has limited financial resources to care for her father, so it could be a situation where if there were new findings within the patient’s physical, he would not relay that information to his daughter as that he wouldn’t want to bring on more of a burden.  According to research, many do not have access to health care services due to the lack of financial resources, such as lack of health insurance and high out of pocket expense for medical appointments and prescription medication (Lee, 2010).

Spiritual and Lifestyle Factors

The language ability necessary to arrange a physician’s appointment, explain symptoms, and understand diagnosis and treatment is an essential skill for effective health care use (Lee, 2010).  In the Asian American culture they tend to rely on family groupings at medical appointments, not only because there tends to be a language barrier with the elderly people, but also, so that everyone can be informed and involved in the plan of care. Many Asian Americans are not comfortable speaking in English and expressed difficulty in communicating with physicians, which was particularly the case for many elders (Lee, 2010).


Targeted Questions


Describe the relationship between yourself and your daughter?

Do you have any other family members that you can rely on other than your daughter?

Have you and/or your daughter looked into any local support groups, financial assistance and or aide?

Do you have any fears about you living situation or the relationship with your daughter?

Who is the meal preparer in the home and how many meals do you eat per day?



Resources: (Please use two of the following references on top of other resources you may use for references)

Ball, J. W., Dains, J. E., Flynn, J. A., Solomon, B. S., & Stewart, R. W. (2019). Seidel’s guide to physical examination: An interprofessional approach (9th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby.

Chapter 1, “The History and Interviewing Process”  (Previously read in Week 1)

This chapter highlights history and interviewing processes. The authors explore a variety of communication techniques, professionalism, and functional assessment concepts when developing relationships with patients

Chapter 2, “Cultural Competency”

This chapter highlights the importance of cultural awareness when conducting health assessments. The authors explore the impact of culture on health beliefs and practices.

Dains, J. E., Baumann, L. C., & Scheibel, P. (2019). Advanced health assessment and clinical diagnosis in primary care (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby.

Credit Line: Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Diagnosis in Primary Care, 6th Edition by Dains, J.E., Baumann, L. C., & Scheibel, P. Copyright 2019 by Mosby. Reprinted by permission of Mosby via the Copyright Clearance Center.

Chapter 2, “Evidenced-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines”

Melton, C., Graff, C., Holmes, G., Brown, L., & Bailey, J. (2014). Health literacy and asthma management among African-American adults: An interpretative phenomenological analysis. Journal of Asthma, 51(7), 703–713. doi:10.3109/02770903.2014.906605

Credit Line: Health literacy and asthma management among African-American adults: An interpretative phenomenological analysis by Melton, C., Graff, C., Holmes, G., Brown, L., & Bailey, J., in Journal of Asthma, Vol. 51/Issue 7. Copyright 2014 by Taylor & Francis, Inc. Reprinted by permission of Taylor & Francis, Inc. via the Copyright Clearance Center.

The authors of this study discuss the relationship between health literacy and health outcomes in African American patients with asthma.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2015). Cultural competence. Retrieved from https://npin.cdc.gov/pages/cultural-competence

This website discusses cultural competence as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Understanding the difference between cultural competence

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