transcultural culturally competent nursing throughout the lifespan.


  • Download the Week 4 Check-In: Course Project Part 2 Template
  • Type directly in your saved template.
  • Complete the Week 4 Check-In:
    • Explain your progress on Week 4: Course Project Part 2. Include revisions, if required by the Week 3: Course Project Part 1 faculty feedback.
    • Ask at least one question of your instructor that could help you do your best on Course Project Part 2.

Template and Link

Week 4 Check-In: Course Project Part 2 Template Leading Health Indicators 

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Best Practices

  • Please use your browser’s File setting to save or print this page
  • Spell check for spelling and grammar errors prior to final submission.
  • Use the rubric as a final check prior to submission to ensure all content is clearly addressed.

Scholarly Source and Citations

  • Scholarly sources are not required


  • Download the required Week 4: Course Project Part 2 Template below.
  • Use instructor feedback from Week 4: Course Project Part 2 Check-In to improve this assignment.
  • Do not stereotype a cultural/ethnic group. Stereotyping will result in point deduction. See rubric. 
  • Address the questions on the provided template:
    • Description of Issue

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