Healthcare organization mission, vision, and values

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The Teal Trust, a former leadership organization most known for its leadership style indicator, suggested that the following five activities encourage people to uphold behavioral norms that support the achievement of their organization’s mission and vision:

1. Communicate values clearly and constantly both within and outside of the organization. Everyone inside and outside the organization knows what you represent.

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2. Enroll new members of the organization in the culture of values immediately. Value-focused information and indoctrination should start with the selection process.

3. Revisit and refresh your values periodically. Healthcare is constantly changing; you must ensure that your organizational values have kept pace.

4. Confront contradictory behavior. Provide feedback to those who do not live the organization’s values.

5. Periodically solicit feedback. Ask people, both inside and outside the organization, what they believe the organization’s values are.

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