Create a Patient education handout/Patient safety plan.

Part 1

Create a Patient education handout/Patient safety plan.

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Develop a patient safety plan for a patient with history of hypertension. This health safety plan is delivered remotely rather than face-to-face to the individual or group that you have identified. Appropriate example of a patient education instructions on safety plan in form of a handout or a brochure to help a patient with chronic hypertension manage their condition. The product must be useful in a practice setting, relevant to your project, and designed to improve some aspect of care or the patient experience



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Part2 Instructions

·       Summary of intervention and implementation:

o   What did you do?

o   How did you lead in terms of the processes used in the project?

o   With what participants?

o   Who were your interprofessional collaborators?

o   How did you lead them in this project?

o   What were your key findings?

·       Evidence-based rationale for professional product development:

Why did you choose Patient education handout of a Patient safety plan.

o   How does it align with your intervention?

o   How will this product help improve outcomes?

o   How will the product enhance the patient experience?

o   How does the product improve a process related to quality, safety, and/or cost of care?

o   How do relevant research, evidence, and best practices support your choice of professional product and approach?

For your professional product, you may choose to develop a deliverable that could be used in your care setting to communicate and sustain relevant improvements related to the intervention you carried out. The key is that the professional product is useful to the target audience and their families to use, or an easily implemented process improvement in-service for home care nurses).



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