Career Planner, which includes a cover letter, resume, and a philosophy statement

As you approach the end of your Master of Science in Nursing program and prepare for a career as a nurse practitioner, you will want to create a cover letter, resume, and portfolio that best represent your knowledge, skills, and abilities as a professional in the field of nursing.

For this Assignment, you will create a Career Planner that you can use as you pursue your next professional role.


To Prepare:    

Review the Career Planner Guide.    

Seek out resources on cover letters, resumes, and other professional resources, as needed. The Walden University Career Services site has information on many topics of relevance.    

Develop a cover letter, resume, philosophy statement, and other professional resources that meet the requirements outlined in the Career Planner Guide.     


I have submitted both my cover letter and resume for your review. I am aware that both may require some editing, which I am okay with. However, I have never written a philosophy statement and will heavily relay on your expertise for this portion of my paper. Should additional information be required for the completion of my paper, I would appreciate your help as well.