Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

The concept of strategic planning can be as complex as you want to make it, but it is better to keep it simple, which is not so easy to do. Complete the following activities prior to developing your discussion assignment essay:

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Topics to explore:

  1. Background of chosen company (this has already been completed, do not have to do)
  2. What is Strategy and Why is it important?
  3. Charting a Company’s Direction
  4. Evaluating a Company’s External Environment
  5. Evaluating a Company’s Resources, Capabilities and Competitiveness
  6. The 5 Generic Competitive Strategies
  7. Strengthening A Company’s Competitive Position
  8. Strategies for Competing in International Markets.
  • Use the grading rubric below as a checklist to ensure you meet all criteria for this discussion.
  • You will find the following resource to be a helpful guide in your analysis of your chosen case study: Guide to Case Analysis. This assignment will require intensive interpretation skills. Be sure to read this Case Analysis Guide to prepare.


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Chosen Company: Henry Ford Health Systems


Choose an award-winning company from the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program website to study. You will evaluate the “Award Application Summary” as a business case

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