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The group’s setting will be a medical/health center. Theseagencies include the Joint Commission on Accreditation of HealthcareOrganizations (JCAHO), the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), the American Medical Accreditation Program (AMAP), the American AccreditationHealthCare Commission/Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (AAHC/URAC), and the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory HealthCare(AAAHC). In addition, the Foundation for Accountability (FACCT) and the Agency forHealthcareResearch and Quality (AHRQ) play important roles in ensuring the quality of healthcare. Each of the accrediting bodies is unique in terms of their mission, activities, compositions of their boards, and organizational histories, and each develops their own accreditation process and programs and sets their own accreditation standards. For this reason, certain accrediting organizations are better suited than others to perform accreditation for a specific area in thehealthcaredelivery system. The trend toward outcomes research is noted as a clear shift from the structural and process measures historically used by accrediting agencies. Accreditation has been generally viewed as a desirable process to establish standards and work toward achieving higher quality care, but it is not without limitations (Viswanathan, 2020).

Accreditation is a process of review that allowshealthcare organizations to demonstrate their ability to meet regulatory requirements and standards established by a recognized accreditation organization such as ACHC. Accreditation reflects an agency’s dedication and commitment to meeting standards that demonstrate a higher level of performance and patient care. ACHC Accreditation Standards were created by industry experts with providers’ needs in mind (ACHC, 2021).




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