Personality Tests and Analysis

Module 10 Written Assignment:  Personality Tests and Analysis 

Learning Objectives 3d and 4a

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For this written assignment, you will explore your own personality by taking two *free* internet personality tests.

Overview of the Jung Typology Test

The first personality test is called the Jung Typology Test.  This test measures four trait domains:

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  1. How we interact with our world (the continuum with introversion on one side and extroversion on the other).
  2. How we process information (the continuum with sensing on one end and intuitive on the other).  Sensors are data driven and those that “intuit”” tend to see the “”big picture.””
  3. How we make decisions (the continuum of thinking on one side and feeling on the other).
  4. How we plan our day (the continuum of judging on one side and perceiving on the other).  Judging in this context means planned and structured

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