Atlanta, Georgia, USA Community Assessment

In order to provide the best care to meet the needs of women and families within your community, you will have to gather evidence about the social, financial, educational, racial, and ethnic demographics of your target population. Once you have that data along with knowledge about the maternal child health (MCH) status of your community, you will be better prepared to develop a plan to meet the needs of your community as a CNM. You will have the opportunity to research key MCH data in your next assignment. In this module, you are required to conduct a community assessment of the community where you live or plan to work. You should plan to use the same community for the MCH assignment. This assessment should be used to guide you in determining key demographic factors that you will need to consider as you prepare for your final ppt. presentation. It will provide you with an understanding of how various characteristics might impact the ability of women and families within your community to access health care or critical social support services.

APA Format (7th Edition)

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  • Title Page – follow APA guidelines and Paper Template
  • Keep Level 1 and Level 2 headings and Table exactly as they are in the template.
  • You DO NOT need an abstract
  • Full Sentences and paragraph form
  • Double spaced
  • Use Correct Grammar, Spelling, and Syntax
  • Body of the Paper. 
    • Should be at least 4-5 pages of full-text content

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