response to discussion to colleague.

Please Respond to post below from my colleagues* by offering one or more additional mitigation strategies or further insight into my colleagues’ assessment of big data opportunities and risks.


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Big data holds the potential for making health care delivery for the better.  For this to happen chief nurse executives need to act as data visionaries, become leaders in driving the use of big data by doing the following:

  • Create a culture that thrives on data
  • Develop big data competencies for the organization
  • Create an infrastructure to support big data use

We are fast approaching using big data to generate information about a patient and produce an intervention or predict an upcoming event.  This will help to manage disease processes across the care continuum.  

Big data can also be useful in assessing organizational and nursing performance by producing real time data, managers will not have to wait until the end of the month or the end of the year to receive information. Challenges with big data include; reports not being standardized, not all the data received is good data and the data they would like to see is not available. 

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With new technology integrated into health care including smart pumps, bar codes for medication administration, electronic health records and smart phones are all supposed to help health care providers be more efficient, promote safety and streamline the work of nursing.  These technologies can be disruptive when trying to engage with a patient, we as nurses need to remember that we need to be fully present and engaged with the patients that we encounter.  Yes, we need the technology in order to collect all the data from the patient so that we can develop a plan of care but equally important is the need to collect the human to human data that only becomes available when we step away from the technology. 

One risk that we encounter frequently with the company I work with are emails that are “phishing””

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