Journal #1

Assignment 2: Journal Entry #1


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Use the following pt:

1.44 years old  new Gyne patient came in for well womans exam, c/o low back pain, has h/o fibromyalgia.Patient seesms to be overly excited and happy during physical examination so it’s hard to see what was really going on with the patient.

2.21 Year old patient who has multiple sexual partner and  engages in unprotected sex who came in for evaluation for STI.

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3.G5P3 35 year old surrogate patient who came in for 6 weeks post partum( 3rd c-section) check and would like to discuss her plan on being a surrogate again and the risk for repeat c-section and possible risk of placental accreta, percreta etc.


To prepare:

  • Refer to the current Clinical Guidelines found in this week’s Learning Resources and consider how these guidelines inform your clinical experience.
  • Refer to your FNP or AGPCNP Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-Assessment Form you submitted in Week 1, and consider how your self-assessment might inform your Assignment.
  • Refer to your Patient Log in Meditrek and reflect on Weeks 1–5 of your clinical experience. Consider your observations and experiences with patients during this time.

Journal Entry #1 (450–500 words):

In your journal entry

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