Food Industry workplace hazard

Apa format

The individual assignment must • Describe the business and what types of workplace injuries and or illnesses occur. Provide an overview using information from the WSIB or the HSA and other Canadian sources. Identify one area of health and safety that the paper will address based on the research from WSIB, MOL or an HSA. • Address the relevant law and regulations that apply • Provide examples of best practices in health and safety that addresses one of the areas identified. • In order to complete this individual paper successfully, you must do research in all areas of Health and Safety. Essentially, the paper should answer the question “Where and how do workers get injured in this business and what programs, laws, regulations and best practices are or should be used to stop them from getting hurt” • Students will review the industry or business and describe the plans, communications and strategies that have been used to address the current COVID 19 Pandemic.