Use the topic proposal that is attached and finish the paper including a: bibliography page that follows the instructions below and follows the original thesis: Is face transplantation considered medically ethical and personally mora.

Annotated Bibliography: must meet the following requirements:

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  • MLA Format;
  • Catalog 5 peer-reviewed, academic sources from the Mary and John Gray Library;
  • Each source should be accompanied by a 150 word annotation;
  • Bibliography must be well-organized and easy to read;
  • Information must be communicated clearly and succinctly.

Rough Draft:

You must also attach a well-developed rough draft of your final essay.

 MLA format 

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  • 700-900 words
  • minimum of four paragraphs
  • written in 3rd person
  • minimum 80% original work (this means your paper cannot be dominated by quotes from your sources)
  • minimum of five academic sources with in-text citations for each source
  • a Works Cited page with entries for each source included in the paper
    • academic sources must include peer-reviewed journal articles from the Lamar University Online Library or other approved sources
    • Your annotated bibliography should NOT be attached to your final draft.
  • Assignment must be submitted as a Word doc. Any other format will not be accepted for credit.

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