1. State the clinical certification and target population including setting that were approved by your instructor in the Week 2: Direct Care Part 1: Assessment and Diagnosis Check-In (CCRN certification, target population is intensive care unit and staff were approved for this assignment) 
    2. Thorough discussion of why this certification was selected in relationship to the selected setting
    3. Describe the criteria for selected clinical certification
      1. Process to obtain clinical certification
      2. Cost of application and testing
      3. Requirements prior to certification
      4. Examination description
      5. Renewal time and process
      6. Required items for renewal
    4. Provide APA reference for one peer-reviewed scholarly professional nursing journal article connecting patient outcomes, certification, and leadership skills.
      1. From Chamberlain Library
        1. CINAHL or ProQuest
        2. Note: Do not use CINAHL Guides or Evidence-Based Care Sheets
      2. Full Text only
      3. No more than 5 years old
      4. In English
      5. Peer-reviewed
      6. Include the permalink
        1. For more information on finding Permalinks in the Chamberlain Library, see Learn the Library and Finding Permalinks (Links to an external site.)
      7. Reference must be use APA format including author(s)

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