The Importance of Alignment and Congruence

In your Group Discussion area, post the following:

  • Based on your Discussion group setting( hospital and medical center), explain how you would determine that a curriculum you develop is aligned to the mission, vision, and philosophy specific to that setting.
  • Explain at least two methods that nurse educators in your Discussion group setting can implement to achieve alignment and congruence between curriculum components.

To Prepare:

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  • Review Billings and Halstead Chapter 7, “Philosophical Foundations of the Curriculum,” and Keating and DeBoor Chapter 5, “The Classic Components of the Curriculum: Developing a Curriculum Plan,” to examine the meaning and significance of a setting’s mission, vision, and philosophy.
  • Review the media program on “Components of a Curriculum” in the Learning Resources and consider why nurse educators should be cognizant of their setting’s mission, vision, and philosophy when developing the mission, vision, and philosophy for a specific education program.
  • Also, consider the importance of alignment and congruence between an educational/health setting and educational programs within that setting. Use this week’s Learning Resources and your own independent research to identify methods that nurse educators can implement to achieve alignment and congruence of curriculum components.

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