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Technology has enhanced our opportunities for supporting student learning styles as well as keeping up with current practices. The world is moving from traditional classroom learning to active learning. Educational settings, both academic or clinical, require constructing a lesson plan to guide the educational activity. While lesson plans provide the written, organized format for a class, technology supplies the hands-on approach to teaching and learning (Bonnel et al., 2019). Once we have identified the topic, discovered where we are and where we would like to be, and objectives to get there, an evaluation is necessary to measure if the educational activity met its desired outcome.

Throughout primary and secondary school, learning experiences involved sitting in a classroom while the teacher taught, followed by a written quiz or exam. The exact process was in each subject. Over the last few years, nursing programs began incorporating technology into the curriculum. The introduction of the simulation lab was an amazing strategy that brought the textbook to life. Simulation is a highly innovative teaching method and evaluation tool that allows participants to make decisions in a safe and controlled environment and assess the effectiveness of their actions (Bastable, 2019). After a simulation scenario, a debriefing allows the learner to hear and see feedback if recorded to demonstrate learner needs and accomplishments.

A helpful technology tool to evaluate the knowledge of the nursing student is through Quizlet. Quizlet helps to break down topics so that smaller lessons build up to more significant victories. Quizlet allows the educator to prepare various assessment tools to evaluate the learner’s understanding of the material. To assess learning, the educator may compose flashcards, fill in the blank, or multiple-choice questions. There is also an option to create a matching game. This tool would be helpful to nursing students because of the ability to check their knowledge before a class exam. It can also allow the instructor to assign participation points for the use of the study materials.

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Regarding sudden infant death syndrome, this technology tool can use the matching game option. The instructor will show a picture of an infant bed with commonly used baby items. The student would need to remove the items inappropriate for safe sleep against a timer. For written tests, the educator should work with a team to analyze questions for effectiveness in assessing the learner’s cognitive ability. An item analysis might help examine if the question functions as intended, providing performance feedback to the student on performance and educator feedback to improve curriculum and question writing skills (Salkind, 2010). Evaluation of the program’s objectives leads to knowing if the outcome was met. Before a new educational activity begins, it is a good idea to assess how effective the curriculum was in meeting the educational activity and organization goals. The educational activity’s success or failure can sometimes determine the accreditation status of the organization of the nursing program. Creating a testing policy (Gatto & Madden, 2019) to maintain testing analysis may serve to enhance the nursing program by holding itself accountable for the education provided towards producing safe and prepared nurses.

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