Overcoming Incivility

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Work Environment Assessment

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            In association with the Clark Healthy workplace inventory my organization (Baylor Scott and White), is mildly healthy in my department, with a score of 70. The level of trust and respect seem to be the largest factors that contribute to such a poor score. However one aspect that I believed in before the assessment is the organizations availability of mentoring programs. Some theories discussed in these articles was the use of communication. These models “are an evidence-based teamwork system to improve communication and teamwork skills and, in turn, improve safety and quality care” (Clark, 2015).

Workplace civility

            This assessment is based on my perspective and current environment. I cannot speak for the entire organization, but to be honest my department needs some work. I believe that my workplace is uncivil because although they have programs for progression the lack of individual growth with their colleague’s health and wellbeing is lacking. It seems that everyone is out for their own promotion instead of working together for what’s best for the clinic or team as a whole. Broome states that the leader who empowers team members expands the capacity of the whole organization at all levels (Broome & Marshall, 2021).

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            A civil work environment is a healthy work environment. There was a time I encountered incivility in my organization but in another department I previously worked for. I was a dialysis nurse and the hours were very long and tedious. Often time’s team members called in and availability of other RN’s were scarce. In this situation I worked as the charge nurse so my focus had to be on the entire clinic. When team members called out my manager was obligated to come in to fill that void and I would then work the floor as she took over charge. There were many times my manager did not fill that void and left me covering both positions, which placed my license and patient safety in jeopardy. The flow of this position was very busy and at any minute you could have an emergency on your hands. I finally got the courage to speak with her supervisor and come to find out there were several claims of her unprofessional behavior and she was under surveillance. After I accepted another position she was later fired due to all of the complaints and accusations. “Incivility and disruptive behaviors may also be normalized or perpetuated by organizational culture particularly during times of restructuring or downsizing” (Clark, et al., 2011). The pressure of knowing that my career could be damaged due to this type of behavior was overwhelming and very unhealthy, but I was finally rescued by the organizations dialysis leaders.


Clark, C.M. (2015). Conversations to inspire and promote a more civil workplace. American

Nurse Today, 10(11), 18-23. Retrieved January 11, 2021, from https://www.myamericannurse.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/ant11-CE-Civility-1023.pdf


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