General Guidelines for Health Screenings

Module 3 Assignment: General Guidelines for Health Screenings

Patients may often think of treatment plans as templates based on the condition. But the best plan for care typically differs based on such factors as medical history, family history, personal preferences, and lifestyle.
Hence interviews and screenings lay important groundwork for diagnosis and treatment plans. Federal guidelines suggest that care should be provided regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual identification. Why is this so important to your professional practice?

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For this Assignment, you will review and evaluate general guidelines for health screenings. You also will propose changes to such guidelines to improve the equity of care.

To prepare:
• Review and use the “General Guidelines for Health Screenings Matrix” template found in this week’s Learning Resources and use this matrix to help you as you complete your Assignment for this module. Note: You will need to submit your matrix as well as your analysis paper for this Assignment.
• Consider the differences among the various guidelines (American Cancer Society, USPTFS, Healthy People, ACOG, and American Academy of Family Practice).

Assignment (2-3 pages):
1. Complete your General Guidelines for Health Screenings Matrix template.
2. Once you complete your matrix, in an analysis paper complete the following:
o Explain what you find different among each of the guidelines.
o Explain what might be contradictory among them.
o Explain which guideline makes more sense to you and why.
o Explain what changes you might make to the guidelines for a person who refers to themselves with an LGBTQ+ gender identification.

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