Align Educational Activities to Strategic Plans 2

Respond  your colleagues by evaluating their action plans against the applicable strategic goal of their organization. Make suggestions to strengthen their contributions to their organization and why this might be important.


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As a nurse for the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) they have core values. The VA’s mission of core values is Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect, and Excellence (I CARE). As stated by the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs, “it defines “who we are,” our culture, and how we care for the Veteran’s,” (US Department of Veteran’s Affairs, 2021. p. 1). The VA does not always do things to help the veterans for what they have done for our country but there are some positive things I have seen they do to help them. I believe in being an advocate for patients and working as a VA nurse I have found myself more of an advocate in multiple ways to help the veterans I care for. I work as a home-based primary care nurse and do the veteran’s care in the homes and there is so many veterans that struggle with hearing and understanding certain things, so I have taken the responsibility to help them with making appointments as well as assisting in finding transportation if needed to their appointments.

            Having a strategic plan as a nursing educator or nursing professional development (NPD) will help to keep things in order during the training process. The main goal is to make sure the appropriate information is in the strategic plan and this plan is followed to make sure things flow from one subject to the next without the confusion of the subjects being taught. “Strategic planning provides focus, and helps to create efficiency,” (Krenek, 2018. p. 1).

            Actions to make sure the nurse educator and NPD are meeting the goals would be to stay with the plan and keep up with it. Set goals to go along and makes sure these goals are reachable. “Once goals are identified then working together as a team to make each individual attain them are important,” (The National Committee for Quality Assurance, 2015. p. 8). Working as a team in setting the goals and working towards reaching them will result in a better outcome.

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