Integrate The Role Of The Nurse Leader As A Change Agent To Diverse Populations

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Integrate the role of the nurse leader as a change agent to diverse populations.


  1. Describe qualities of effective changes agents.  
  2. Analyze the roles of nurse leaders and managers to effectively create change in complex and diverse healthcare systems.  
  3. Explain how nurse leaders work with diverse populations to create change 

Purpose: Explore how the nurse manager is an effective change agent in diverse populations. 


You are a new unit manager on a medical surgical unit. The majority of patients are Latino. You note that there is a high incidence of new onset diabetes in this population. However, there is little documentation of education by staff. You decide to have a meeting with nursing and auxiliary staff about how to better educate these patients. The staff is not in agreement with changing the policy on educating this population. They feel that the population will not listen and is difficult to reach with educational material. The incidence of new onset diabetes in this population is high enough that you decide to make changes. You are now a change agent. 

  1. Using your book and other material write a 2-3 page paper describing the characteristics of a change agent.
  2. Develop a strategy to employ change.
  3. Finally, state realistic outcomes that you will be looking for and how you will evaluate the success of the change.
  4. Be sure you support your ideas with current literature.

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