Using The Version Of The Ac 6020 Financial Analysis Template Returned To You Via

Using the version of the AC 6020 Financial Analysis Template returned to you via the Dropbox with facilitator feedback on the previous assignments, complete the following workbook tabs with respect to the company selected by your facilitator for use in completing all course assignments (other than the group project):

  • “Oper Lease Adjust 1 – 6”
  • “Invent Cost-Flow Analysis Adj”
  • “Noncancel Commit Analysis Adj”

“Post” these analysis adjustments to the “BS Analysis Adjustments” or “IS Analysis Adjustments” workbook tabs, as appropriate. Depending on the facts and circumstances of the company selected for the assignments, your facilitator will instruct you to complete one or more of following worksheets and “post” the corresponding analysis adjustments to the “BS Analysis Adjustments” and “IS Analysis Adjustments” workbook tabs:

  • Pension Cost Analysis Adjust”
  • Guar Uncons Debt Analysis Adj”
  • “Capitalized Interest Analysis Adj”
  • “Impair, Restruct Analysis Adj”
  • “Debt Restruct Analysis Adj”
  • “Sales Invest, PP&E Analysis Adj”
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