Jack and Diane Case Study hi do you see the paper attached ?so you can start editing it with the…

Jack and Diane Case Study hi do you see the paper attached ?so you can start editing it with the additional information she requested be added

nothing on the paper needs to be changed you just need to add the additional information she asked for in the correct areas, Does that make sences

Answer preview………… As a sentencing judge of Diane and Jack in the case under evaluation, I would take into consideration various aspects when dealing with and evaluate the actions of both Diane and Jack. In the first case, I would seek to ascertain whether the juvenile criminals had engaged in any criminal actions in the past. This evaluation is important as it would have aided in identifying whether there are some factors that triggered the offenders to involve themselves in the offense (Mulvey and Iselin, 2008).Additionally, I would inquire whether the actions of the offenders resulted in an injury. This assessment is vital as it would aid in ascertaining the severity of the offense and the charges that should be incepted against the juvenile offenders. Furthermore, I would identify the contribution of each offender in the offense……….

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