there is to exercise you should write a bout them a bout 1500 words i uploads all maps and…

there is to exercise you should write a bout them a bout 1500 words i uploads all maps and instructions.

1. Spatial epidemiology (1500 words maximum) –
This assessment component focuses on the use of GIS to assess spatial patterns of both disease and environmental pollution. During the third teaching block (i.e. during the first half of term two) of the Environmental Risk Management unit, you will complete PC-based GIS practical exercises that will allow you to assess the spatial dimensions of environmental risk (weeks commencing 25th January and 1st and 8th February 2016). During these practical exercises two workbooks will be provided to assist you. For the purpose of the unit assessment, you are required to complete these workbooks and submit them as part of the portfolio.
This GIS report will be assessed against the following MMU Graduate Outcomes:
GO1: Apply skills of critical analysis to real world situations within a defined range of contexts [30%]
GO3: Express ideas effectively and communicate information appropriately and accurately using a range of media including ICT [20%]
GO6: Find, evaluate, synthesise and use information from a variety of sources [30%]
GO7: Articulate an awareness of the social and community contexts within their disciplinary field [20%]
The report should consider and include the following:
? Introduction, including clear statement of aims and objectives.
? Summary of methods.
? Data synthesis, analysis, interpretation and discussion, including evidence of integration with published reports and scientific journal articles.
? Use of supporting figures and tables.
? Conclusions.

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1/ Write up this practical in report format with (i) an introduction, (ii) a description of methods, (iii) the visual presentation of any maps/result outputs, and (iv) your answers/written discussions to any set questions below.
Include a map display for the Lancashire lung cancer data. Your map should be presented separately and include north arrow, legend and your name (clearly labeled).
Write a brief commentary describing the pattern of lung cancer events (is any clustering or other pattern present?) and link this discussion with the results of your nearest neighbor analysis, kerned density estimation and Ripley’s K analysis. You should also include the output graphical results and KDE map.
Make sure that your write up makes appropriate use of the supporting academic literature.

Repeat this task generating the same type of outputs (global Moran’s I and local LISA) for the following variable in the US_Pov_HD.shp shapefile located in S:Faculty of Science & EngineeringEnvironmental & Geographical Sciences6F6Z2002PolygonPatternAnalysis:
? Poverty ( % of residents living in poverty at last census) Produce Maps for the following:
1. Heart Disease Deaths
2. Heart Disease LISA output
3. Poverty (%)
4. Poverty LISA Output
Briefly discuss (no more than one side of A4) the global and local patterns of spatial autocorrelation shown in your results. Are there any areas of the US which are particularly unhealthy in terms of heart disease? Can you see any potential links between poorer health outcomes (in terms of heart disease death) and socioeconomic status (poverty)? You should support your commentary with some links to the academic literature.
Should you wish to comment on any additional data, such as race or education status, you will find the “Interactive Atlas of Disease” produced by the Centre for Disease Control a useful resource.

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