Theatre paper


Here’s the breakdown for what I require from your final paper,  

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The paper should follow MLA format, be 3 pages, and be a contrast/comparison of two time periods in theatre history. 

I would like to know how theatre differs from time period to time period, how it remains the same, and if there were any innovations from either time that we still use in theatre today. 

Here’s a quick list of examples:

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Greek Theatre and Elizabethan Theatre


The Greeks performed in an amphitheater, whereas the Elizabethans performed in a thrust space. 

The Greek audiences were quiet and respectful; the Elizabethans were rowdy and rude. 


Both the Greeks and Elizabethans performed outside and during the day. 

Both the Greeks and Elizabethans wrote plays about myth and history. 

Innovations used in Modern Theatre:

We now use amphitheaters because of the Greeks. 

We, sometimes, use masks in theatre because of the Greeks. 

We have the five-act script structure from the Elizabethan playwrights. 

We sometimes break the fourth wall and have actors talk directly to the audience — like the Elizabethans did. 

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