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The topic chosen that is related to nursing informatics is the role of the electronic health records on quality and safety in providing patient care. The Electronic Health Records (EHR) is an electrically version that is used to store the medical history (progress, problems, and medication among others) of the patient and it is being maintained by the provider at the given time (Cowie, 2017). Previously in the year 1950s, all the medical accounts in the hospitals were being kept together with papers in a filling system which was manual. By the middle of the 1960s, Lockheed come up with an electronic program by the name clinical information system that was used to store the medical records electronically. From his invention, the engineering and the technology firms started to develop the electronic medical records systems that were being used both by the universities and the hospitals. In 1970s, the government started to use the EHR as more of the medical facilities started to use it and is still being use up to date (Goldstein, 2017).


This system plays an important role in the production of the documentations and exchanging information in the different disciplinary which are found under the patient care (Cowie, 2017). Besides, it also plays an important role in providing the opportunity for educating, teaching and learning under the medical environment. The EHR allows for medical facilities to have a decrease in the amount of paper work dealt with, and the amount of storage spaced required is decreasing. Also, it plays a major role in managing the results and the decision making as the quality of the patients care is highly improved. The nurses has the ability to review lab work with the click of a button. This enhances the quality of the medical records as the man-made errors from the manual system have been dealt away with.

Challenges and benefits in healthcare

The information within the medical records of the patient is very safe and secure. This is because it is not easily accessed by unauthorized person hence security. Also, it is very hard to lose such data as compared to the manual system where the information could easily be misplaced. Despite the benefits of EHRs, these systems are faced with many challenges. Among the challenges we have the security and privacy issues as all the computers are networked currently have, which makes them vulnerable to hacking of a patient’s data. This is dangerous as the information of the patient might land to the hands of the wrong person (Goldstein, 2017). Another challenge is that some people using the system might be stuck in their ways making it impossible for the system to be accessed with efficiency. This is challenging as much time and resources have to be taken to train them on how to use the system. Another challenge comes on the side of the power disruption where all the activities will have to be stopped until a backup for power is available.


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