Becoming Limitless Review

“Sounds great,” you say before  Becoming Limitless Review exchanging air kisses, and continuing on your mission of securing the finest produce. You know she won’t call. You know you won’t either.She could have said, “No, I’m too busy,” or “No, I’m not interested.” Rather than such bluntness, she replies with the socially approved, milquetoast, “I’ll try.”Underlying her intentions was, “No” – delivered with grace.In reality, what is there to “try” Am I actually eating less Am I really more active Select one: “yes” or “no.” If I choose to not act on my own words, I am not “trying,” I am simply “not doing.”

Whether it’s because you’ve got a punishment riding on their performance or they’re just too hard on themselves, some of our athletes just won’t lay it all on the line at practice…and because of that, they won’t get better. The practices that are the most fun and energetic are when your athletes are trying new shots and techniques…the ones where you watch them muddle through and start to see the glimmer of excitement as they realize they’re mastering a skill. Let’s help our athletes to be brave and try new things.

In-game confidence: These are the athletes that stare down the server when she’s at the baseline, silently daring her to deliver her best shot. These are the folks who you go to when you’re in desperate need of a sideout. They don’t always deliver (no one does), but you keep going to them because you see no fear when you look them in the eyes.

Overcoming tough situations: The longer the season goes, typically the better and higher the level of play and competition. The athletes that are afraid will shrink from the challenge, but your brave athletes who believe in themselves, their team, and the plan will rise to the occasion.Recruiting: Perhaps you think that there’s no way that you could land a certain recruit…because she’s at a higher level than your team or she’s being wooed by schools bigger than you. That’s where belief in your institution, your program, your team, and yourself will come into play. While you can’t be sure that the belief you hold will pay dividends, you can be pretty positive that no recruit wants to play for a coach who’s afraid of a tough situation.

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