Respond in a substantive manner. How do you claim your uniqueness and build your confidence based on

Respond in a substantive manner.

How do you claim your uniqueness and build your confidence based on your uniqueness and authenticity?
The reflected best-self portrait is a compilation of multiple qualities and characteristics based on personal experiences, talent, values, competencies and personality attributes.  Moreover, Dutton, Spretzer, Heaphy & Quinn (2005) explain that “the RBS is a strength-based conception of the qualities and characteristics that this person believes he exudes when he is at his best” (p. 713-714).  The following represent a compilation of the themes I claim make me a unique based on live experiences. …….

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Generosity & Compassion

Generosity and compassion are related.  I see myself as a generous person at the service of those that need me. For me, being able to help a person in need makes me feel complete; not having material possessions to offer, volunteering to help others in need is all I can give and that is something that makes me happy as a human being.


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My moral values is something that I am very proud of as the decisions I make whether work related or personal, the decisions I made are based on my moral principles and beliefs.  I can say that my moral values are deeply rooted in my upbringing and religious beliefs.


My ability to see connections between different things and processes is something that I consider very unique about me and something that I perhaps share with many other people.  Being logical is of great utility in my profession where the use of logic to resolve complex investigations, often resourcing to having to improve established processes using logic. …….


Life is full of trials and complexities that can affect confidence and one’s ability to see good things behind negative or adverse experiences.  I believe that my ability to see the positives behind any adverse situations keeps me in good spirit.


Humans are intelligent beings.  I consider myself intelligent in the way that I am able to learn new things, find solutions to complex problems, and comprehend quickly.


I have a “yes, I can” attitude.  I am competitive with myself and motivated by a strong will to move forward and not getting stuck in my limitations or complaining about the challenges I have to face in life.

The aforementioned characteristics describe me as the person I am at a personal and professional level.  While there are other qualities and characteristics that can be added to this list, the aforementioned are some of the most important.


Roberts, L.M., Dutton, J.E., Spreitzer, G.M, Heaphy, D.E., Quinn, R.E.  (2005). Composing the

reflected best-self portrait: Building pathways for becoming extraordinary in work

organization.  Academy of Management Review, 30(4), 712-736. …….

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