Event plan week4

If you use the site please refer it. Below is the question. I just want to compleate the question.

1.Themes create a starting point for décor, entertainment, attire, and menu planning. How does a planner determine a theme and subsequently infuse the theme through all components of an event?

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2. Select and explain one element of managing an on-site event production. How does it enhance or diminish the event or function?

3. Conduct an Internet search to find an example of an event on-site production contract and highlight the various items you find in this document.  Are there any items that surprised you?

4. An aged shopping mall is undergoing renovations and the management company has hired you to coordinate an “exiting entertainment extravaganza” to celebrate their grand reopening. They want to tie this in with a special “Midnight Madness Sale” promotion. As a planner, what is your recommendation for venue, entertainment, and theme? What questions do you need to ask your client to ensure you are matching goals to the event proposal?

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5. Based on your plan in your response to the first post, what would be the detailed costs to put on your event?  What are the “must-have” items and the “like-to-have” items?

6. As an event manager, how would to make sure your event was in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?  What steps would you take?  Please be sure to review the ADA guidelines as they pertain to event management before replying to this post.


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