When an operation reaches its break-even point the operation's revenue will equal its fixed expe… 1 answer below »

Show transcribed image text When an operation reaches its break-even point the operation’s revenue will equal its fixed expenses. variable expenses. controllable expenses fixed plus variable expenses. Last year a manager’s operation achieved a 35% food cost on sales of $800,000. For next year, the manager anticipates a 5% increase in the prices he will pay for food. What should the manager estimate next year’s food cost percentage to be if he docs not raise his menu prices? 36.00% 36.75% 40.00% 40.75% Involuntary separation occurs when an employee, rather than the employee’s manager, makes the decision for the employee to leave an organization. True False In a food service operation, a fixed expense percentage declines as sales volume declines. True False As sales volume increases, an operation’s mixed-expense percentage decreases while the total dollar amount of the mixed expense increases. True False Prime costs in a restaurant include its food, beverage and labor costs. True False

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