I Have a discussion and a midterm paper


Part 1 Sculpture : How does the scale of a sculpture affect how we respond to it? Does a large sculpture seem more important than a small one?Nonrepresentational sculpture can be controversial. Should public art be representational so everyone “gets it?”

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I Have a discussion and a midterm paper
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Part 2 Architecture:  “Architecture is not about math or zoning — it’s about visceral emotions,” says Marc Kushner. Discuss your thoughts on the Marc Kushner TEDtalk video. In what way has this video made you more aware of the architecture around you and in the world at large? In what way do you feel connected to and/or disconnected from the buildings in your life? Include examples in your response.



he Midterm Paper is worth 100 points. It will consist of a one 1-2 page written description and formal analysis of a work of art using terminology from Chapters 2-5. This is an exercise in recognizing visual elements and principles of design in works of art and demonstrating an understanding of how they relate to each other to create meaning.

TextBook Name:

Frank, Patrick. Prebles’ Artforms. 11. Upper Saddle River NJ: Pearson , 2014.