Which of the following is NOT one of the phases of culture shock?

Question 1
Which of the following is NOT one of the phases of culture shock?
A. Repatriation
B. Fascination
C. Culture shock
D. Adaptation

Question 2
Many attribute the lower percentage of women among U.S. expatriates to biased selection practices. This bias is influenced by all the following EXCEPT:
A. the assumption that women are less interested in overseas assignments.
B. the belief that women will not receive the same respect as men.
C. the fear that women will receive inadequate medical care.
D. All of the above

Question 3
The process of being reintegrated into domestic operations is referred to as:
A. repatriation.
B. inpatriation.
C. citizenship renewal.
D. expatriation.

Question 4
__________ cultures are more likely to have rigid managerial control systems in their organizations.
A. Masculine
B. Feminine
C. Power distance
D. High-uncertainty avoidance

Question 1
All of the following are categories of information typically used to make hiring selection decisions EXCEPT:
A. education.
B. experience.
C. political affiliations.
D. physical characteristics.

Question 2
All of the following are Big Five personality factors EXCEPT:
A. aptitude.
B. emotional stability.
C. extraversion.
D. conscientiousness.

Question 3
An HR specialist should be familiar with all of the following types of validity EXCEPT:
A. constitutional.
B. content.
C. construct.
D. criterion-related.

Question 4
Which of the following is a potential problem associated with the use of concurrent validation?
A. This method uses experienced employees, which can bias the validation.
B. Present employees often balk at completing tests.
C. The least skilled and least able employees have probably been terminated, demoted, or transferred, which can restrict the range of test scores.
D. All of the above

Question 1
All of the following are errors that can occur in the employment interview EXCEPT:
A. asking the same questions that were asked of other applicants.
B. excessive talking by the interviewer.
C. the halo effect.
D. first impression error.

Question 2
A job sample performance test requires that the applicant actually do a sample of the work that the job involves. Which of the following is NOT an example of a valid performance test?
A. Programming test for computer programmers
B. Taste test for fast-food counter help
C. Typing test for secretarial help
D. Driving test for delivery persons


Question 3
__________ refers to an ability to visualize things on paper as they appear in actual, three-dimensional space.
A. Spatial relations
B. Numerical reasoning
C. Logical reasoning
D. Special relations

Question 4
The __________ is a comprehensive paper-and-pencil test that generates two scores: the verbal score and the performance score.
A. Wonderlic Personnel Test
B. California Test of Mental Maturity
C. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
D. psychomotor ability simulation

Question 1
The least reliable of the employment tests are those that attempt to measure a person’s:
A. temperament.
B. manual dexterity.
C. speed of limb movement.
D. reaction time.

Question 2
__________ addresses the questions of what a test measured and how well it measured it.
A. Reliability
B. Validity
C. Interrator reliability
D. Vindication

Question 3
Occupational choice is most heavily influenced by:
A. teachers.
B. parents.
C. friends.
D. career counselors.

Question 4
The job search is a process that begins with:
A. self-assessment.
B. creating a resume.
C. searching the Internet.
D. notifying friends and relatives of the job search.

Question 1
One of the most noticeable effects of the downsizing epidemic of the last two decades has been a dramatic rise in the use of:
A. temporary employees.
B. summer internships.
C. college recruiters.
D. All of the above

Question 2
Continuous overtime often results in:
A. lower labor costs and higher productivity.
B. lower labor costs and lower productivity.
C. higher labor costs and lower productivity.
D. higher labor costs and higher productivity.

Question 3
All of the following are major advantages of using temporary employees EXCEPT:
A. relatively low labor costs.
B. cost savings due to smaller number of permanent HR staff needed.
C. flexibility in responding to future changes in the demand for workers.
D. easily accessible source of experienced labor.

Question 4
__________ tend to concentrate their efforts on higher-level managerial positions with salaries in excess of $50,000.
A. Executive search firms
B. Employment agencies
C. Online employment sites
D. College recruiters



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