Task Type: Individual Project Deliverable Length: Word or Excel spreadsheet: Columns A–C and rows 1–

Task Type: Individual Project   Deliverable Length: Word or Excel spreadsheet: Columns A–C and rows 1–8 + references    The CEO expects you to be providing a number of various logistics reports and recommendations to her. She has asked you to prepare a chart on 1–2 pages of frequently used logistics techniques. To demonstrate your understanding of the breadth and depth of the logistics function, research the following terms, and for each of the 8 terms, complete the following: Provide a definition, in your own terms, of frequently used logistics techniques. Give an example of a real company or industry that uses this logistics technique. What would the pros and cons be of using each technique listed below? Distribution center Public warehouse Third-party logistics Common carrier Dedicated private fleet Backhauls Deadheading Freight equalization Provide citations and references to support your information. …….


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