Environmental Literacy Plan – Phase II

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Instructions Evaluation Title: Environmental Literacy Plan – Phase II 

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This week you will add to the Environmental Literacy Plan by exploring your community for biomes and biodiversity. You will need to explore your community and take a few pictures to include in your plan. The pictures can be taken by a camera or your cell phone to include in the report.


Explore your community for biomes. Take pictures of a minimum of two (2) biomes. Write a description of the biome and clearly label what type of biome it is. What is the value of the biome to the community?

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An environment’s biodiversity is determined by the number of different species of plants and animals that inhabit it. The sample size can be as large as a forest or as small as your backyard. It can even be just a handful of earth. Show the biodiversity in your community through a series of images. Take a minimum of five (5) pictures of biodiversity in your community. Discuss the type and what it means to the ecosystem.

While you are out exploring the community, take note of any biodiversity loss in the community. Take two (2) pictures of biodiversity loss in your community. Example: This could be logging of trees for a new housing development or clearing trees for a new store.

Also, discuss: What is biodiversity? How do humans’ activities threaten biodiversity? Are there nature reserves in your community? What are they protecting? What is the impact of biodiversity in your community? What steps can you take to protect biodiversity?

Format this information using the template provided or create your own template. You may also modify the template layout as long as it meets all of the assignment requirements.

Validate your statements and opinions with supporting evidence (citations and references) in APA form.

Submit: Environmental Literacy Plan – Phase II for your community (PDF or Word document)

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