e mato.com ACC 201, Sec 001, Spring 2020, Miller (1) C sultan alatania | 01/23/20 722 AM Homework: G

e mato.com ACC 201, Sec 001, Spring 2020, Miller (1) C sultan alatania | 01/23/20 722 AM Homework: Graded MAL HW #1 [Ch 1] Spr 2020 Score: 0 of 18 pts P1-41A (similar to) 5 of 14 complete HW Score: 2 23%, 4 of 179 pts Question Help Cosmo Tumer started a new business. Tumer Gymnastics, and completed the following transactions during December (Chok the icon to view the transactions) Analyze the effects of the transactions on the accounting equation of Tumer Gymnastics Analyze the events chronologically one transaction at a time, beginning with the transaction on the . For each transaction that follows the transaction on the calculate the balance in each counter arang s equation complete only the necessary answer bones for your transaction lines. Do not enter any er for your transaction lines Carry down balances to the Ban d ung balance in a Enter a decrease in an account with a minus nor parents. Abbreviations used AP counts Payable AR Accounts Receivable Ad Advertising Com Common Contro l O Dividends Ep Labs O Sup Office Supplies Sal Sales Serv. Rex Service Revenue U i ty) ed on the courting fornyer bence pen Assets Lab. More info Contr. Capital com. Cash – AR O A P Retained Earnings – Hent – U – Di. Sen Sal -Adr 1 Received $21.000 cash from Coumain change for common stock 2 Received $2.800 cash from customers for services performed S Pad 1000 cash for office supplies 9 Performed services for a customer and the customer for Services rendered, $3,500 10 Received $700 invoice for its due in two weeks 16 Paid for advertising in the local paper, 3550 20 Paid invoice received on December 10 25 Collected cash in from customer billed on December 28 Paid rent for the month $2.000 28 Paid $1,150 to assistant for wages. 30 Received $1.000 cothrom customers for services performed 31 Cash dividends of $1,500 were paid to stockholders ter any number in the edit fields and then click Check Answer Print Done 1 parts romaining

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