Plz Respond To Theses Students About What They Write About The Assignment

Unit 7: Music – Discussion


The two songs I listened to were Staying in Love by Raphael Saadiq and Kerosene by Miranda Lambert. I’m not familiar with these artists so I had to Google the lyrics to get the actual song names.

Raphael Saadiq’s performance was energetic yet simple. The instruments and music were the backbone of the performance. From minor research performed, most websites say he’s a neo-soul singer. However, to me the style of music performed sounded like pop-rock.  Saadiq basically just sang the lead, the backup singers were more active than he was but not by much. I pretty much appreciate any live music. I wasn’t “moved” but the lyrics drew my attention. I think I may look up other songs by this artist to get a true feel of his music. It sounds similar to the music I currently listen to. I enjoy pop music and rock or anything that includes the guitar.

I enjoyed Miranda Lambert’s performance more. She was energetic, she dances, interacts with other band members and her audience. The style of music performed was country music. The music was impactful to me because I could relate to the song. The chorus goes, “I’m giving up on love cause love’s given up on me” (Lambert). I’ve definitely been there before! This song does resemble music I presently listen to. I have quite the collection of music on my iPod and saved on my PC. I don’t have one specific style of music of which I listen. Anything with a good story and music behind it is enjoyable to me.



(Raphael Saadiq)

(Miranda Lambert)


Hello Prof, and class my two artist are Jeff Bridges, and Tim McGraw.

Here are the links to their live performances, and

I have always loved Jeff Bridges for his acting , but I never heard him perform as a musician or singer. His performance was very good, and I must say that me being from a different ethic group that I love country music for the stories told and just the true nature of how country songs tell stories that make you really listen to them to get the moral of the songs and really feel what the artist is saying. Jeff bridges performed a song called “What a little bit of love can do”. Every musician is loving his or her part as the song is being performed they are really intuned to the song. As I listen to the song I find ways to make the song fit certain situations in my life so yes the music inspired me as I listen to it. I really don’t listen to any certain music, but I perfer inspiartional music. Country music to me is the next music I would perfer if it was a choice because it does not promote unhealthy choices of negativity just stories of love, loss and heartbreak which we all go through.

Tim McGraws performance was very energetic he got the croud to moving and he started and athem with Truck Yeah. I think this song was one that was brought out of his true nature of who he is. The musicians are really into this song and they are loving it. Well this music impacts me like this, I’m happy because he’s expressing himself and loving who he is while performing and the croud really feels him because they can relate. I love the reaction of it all. This music does not resemble music I regularly listen to. Well basically this song is just not my type of music, but I like it.