Help me put together this adjusted trial balance? Cycle Project #1 Brothers Harry and Herman Hausyer

Help me put together this adjusted trial balance?
Cycle Project #1 Brothers Harry and Herman Hausyerday began operations of their machine shop (H & H Tool, Inc.) on January 1, 2016. The annual reporting period ends December 31. The trial balance on January 1, 2018, follows the amounts are rounded to thousands of dollars to simplify): Debit Credit $ 4 Account Titles Cash Accounts Receivable Supplies Land Equipment Accumulated Depreciation Software Accumulated Amortization Accounts Payable Notes Payable (short-term) Salaries and Wages Payable Interest Payable Income Tax Payable Common Stock Retained Earnings Service Revenue Salaries and Wages Expense Depreciation Expense Amortization Expense Income Tax Expense Interest Expense Supplies Expense Totals $99 9 le Project #10 Transactions and events during 2018 (summarized in thousands of dollars) follow: a. Borrowed $13 cash on March 1 using a short-term note. b. Purchased land on March 2 for future building site; paid cash, $7. C. Issued additional shares of common stock on April 3 for $25. d. Purchased software on July 4, $12 cash. e Purchased supplies on account on October 5 for future use. $17. f Paid accounts payable on November 6, $14. g. Signed & $30 service contract on November 7 to start February 1, 2019. h. Recorded revenues of $164 on December 8, including $42 on credit and $122 collected in cash. Recognized salaries and wages expense on December 9, $87 paid in cash. . Collected accounts receivable on December 10, $26. Data for adjusting journal entries as of December 31 k. Unrecorded amortization for the year on software. $7. Supplies counted on December 31, 2018. $11. m. Depreciation for the year on the equipment. $7. n. Interest of $2 to accrue on notes payable. o. Salaries and wages earned but not yet poid or recorded. $11 p. Income tax for the year was $9. It will be paid in 2019. C4-2 Part 5 5. Post the adjusting entries from requirement and prepare an adjusted trial balance. (Enter your answers in thousands of dollars

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