Factors Or Characteristics Of CEO

For this assignment, view the list of 28 well-known corporations. Research one of the companies from the list……discuss the chief executive officer’s (CEO) leadership qualities. Answer the following questions:
•Discuss 3 factors or characteristics that you think makes this individual (the CEO) an effective leader.
•Discuss 3 factors or characteristics that a credible management industry source thinks makes this individual an effective leader. Support your argument with reliable outside sources.
•What do you think will be the key cultural or organizational legacy this leader will leave behind?
Be sure to cite your sources using the correct standard of APA.
the Companies are…1. Amex 2. Adobe Systems 3. Apple 4. AT&T 5. Bed, Bath&Beyond 6. Boeing 7. BOA 8. Chevron 9. Exxon Mobil 10. Ford Motor Co. 11. GE 12. gOLDMAN sACHS 13. Google 14. Harley-Davidson 15. HP 16. Home Depot 17. McDonald’s 18. Microsoft 19. Pfizer 20. Proctor Gamble 21. Sprint 22. Starbucks 23. S.West Airlines 24. Wal-Mart 25. Verizon 26. Walgreens 27. Disney 28. Wendy’s