Fact sheet

Project Three: Fact Sheet & Reflection Essay 

Now, though, for Project 3, you may choose your own role: will you be a government office? Will you be a non-profit organization? Will you be a public institution like a library or a museum? Will you be an office, like the campus Health Center? Will you be a different magazine? Will you have a private office, like a doctor or dentist or psychologist? Will you give a talk at a library? Will you own shop? Choose a role that suits the information you’ve gathered for Project 2 (Attached below)and use that information to make a fact sheet for your new role. 

We’ll be examining some fact sheets this week so you can see the range of design options in the Fact Sheet genre. Generally, a fact sheet is a short, informative genre that shares the most important information about the topic in an easy-to-carry format. 


Length: 1-2 pages. You may use a page layout program in software such as Apple’s Pages or      Microsoft’s Word. You may use other design software if you have it. Don’t print it; post it to the Classroom Stream, using the tag Fact Sheet. 


                   Final Due    Monday 13 February 

Q       Do we need a logo? 

& A    Yes. Even if it is a picture:

Or a monogram:   

2.Reflection Essay (350 words)

Answer the questions below. Describe fully the choices you made in the writing and designing of this fact sheet. Keep notes here as you think, draft, consult with fellow students or me. Then polish up the notes into some informal prose. 

How did you decide your persona? 

How did you decide which information to include, and what to omit? 

How did you choose the visual elements, layout, and design?