Emotional And Social Development In Early Adolescence

Analyze an issue of your choice related to adolescent emotional or social development. Examples in your textbook include the broad categories of self-understanding, moral development, gender typing, family relationships, and peer relationships with many sub-issues under these broad areas. Find a current scholarly article on the issue to support and extend the assigned readings. Be sure note areas that are fuzzy or unclear in the assigned readings or other articles that you located.

An example of a relevant scholarly article is below. Please do not use this article find your own article.

  • Wentzel, K. R., Russell, S., & Baker, S. (2016). Emotional support and expectations from parents, teachers, and peers predict adolescent competence at school. Journal of Educational Psychology, 108(2), 242.

Refer to the PSY7220 Research Guide for information regarding  searching for peer reviewed articles. A link has been included in the resources.

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