discusion week2 tourism

Please answer for the question below. I don’t need words counting, just complete the question


1.There are many tourism organizations that work not only nationally but globally as well. What are some examples of international, national, and state-level tourism organizations? What are their roles in the tourism industry? Why are they so critical to the overall efforts of the tourism industry?

 2. If you were the minster of tourism for the Philippines, what types of assistance might you request from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)?  Be specific on at least two requests and be sure to conduct some research online.

3. Explain how the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), head-quartered in Paris, could help develop tourism in its European member countries.

4. What main points would you expound if you were supporting next year’s Office of Travel and Tourism (OTT) budget on the floor of the US House of Representatives?  Come up with at least three points and fully explain.

5.Here is an excellent debate question…is there any need for a private national organization such as the Travel Industry Association of America (TIA)?  Please use two references to support your position either way.


6. What is the role of the hospitality industry in the community you live in? How does hospitality play a role in the implementation of tourism throughout the world?

. Explain the current trend in the US for slow expansion in the construction of new lodging places?  Also, find one US city that is seeing growth in new construction of lodging places and explain why this growth is happening.

8. How successful do you think future tourism will be in the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union?  Whether you think they will be successful or not…fully explain your position either way.

9. Why have chain and brand-identification hotels and motels continued to expand world-wide vs independent properties?  Compare and contrast.

10. On page 161 in your textbook, the word franchising is mentioned.  Franchising has become very popular in the lodging industry.  Why is this the case?  Discuss two positive and two negative aspects for a hotel owner to go with a franchise.