Blood and Soil: A Century of Genocide

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Essay Topics: Answer one essay ( A page and a half)

1. Common ideas and themes behind genocides.

2. Pre-modern genocide: Ancient Israel; Rome and Carthage; Spanish conquests in the 


3. Pre-modern genocide: Vietnam/Champa; Sparta; the Pequot War.

Identifications: Answer ten Identifications. (1 para- who, what, why)

The Punic Wars Marcus Porcius Cato

Scipio Aemilianus De Agri Cultura

The Aeneid Hernan Cortes

Bartolome de Las Casas Hispaniola

Tenochtitlan Holy Roman Emperor Charles V

Puritans   Pilgrims

Massachusetts Bay Colony Wampanoags

Pequots Sassacus

Narragansetts John Winthrop

Messenia Helots

Thucydides Lycurgus

Hannibal Barca Mayflower

Etruscans  Cult of Antiquity

Cult of Agriculture Virginia Company of Plymouth

John Rolfe Iroquois Confederacy

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