A- CS- The Customer Feedback Loop

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Employing Surveys for Sal’s


A new company called Business Executive has been in business just one year with miraculous success. Their newest product, a laptop bag that has built in legs and allows the business person to simply unzip the bag and fold down the legs obviously needs some changes. Customer service has been inundated in the last 48 hours since the launch of product 7 on their website. There were presales allowed for priority customers with promised arrival of their new laptop bag and stand on the day of launch in Los Angeles. The customer service analytics started populating from the pacific time zone and rolled out across the world with just a 10-15 minute delay. This company has stores in various major airports throughout the world and a website where their customers are located. Their call centers are located in Los Angeles, CA, Des Moines, IA, Albany, NY, the United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Cost Rica, France, Germany, India, Hong Kong, and South Africa.




Follow along with the comic book (attached) to see the results of this product launch from the customer service standpoint. After reading the comic book and analyzing the analytics, fill in the comic book using the information from the CSR Tool Belt. Go the left navigation and begin interacting with the comic book. When you are ready be sure to choose “submit” in order for your instructor to be able to grade your submission.




You may use the following reference: Gibson, P. (06/2011). The World of Customer Service, 3e, 3rd Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from http://kaplan.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781133708476/


Need this by 21 Nov 2015 at 2300hrs EST



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